Siberia Blue White

the perfect wake-up call snus

Hi snusers,
for my next review, we will have to go deep into the beating heart of mother Russia. For those who didn’t take the hint yet, I’m gonna say that you are either really bad at geography or you are not acquainted with the world of snus. I will not tease you anymore. I’m talking about Siberia, my all time favorite branch of the GN Tobacco.

There are a few bugs to the branch. First of all, you only got 3 types of pouches, so exploration won’t take long. Today I’m gonna review the one I don’t like that much. However, better sounding declaration would be “The One I Love The Least“. Let’s get into it.

When you open that puck, the smell doesn’t knock you down, like you‘re used to the puck of stronger Siberia Red White. It’s not that aggresive, actually kind of smooth and if you would close your eyes, you could think you are sniffing to some kind of mouthwash.

For me the major disadvantage of Siberia Blue White is the packing. The portion is smooth and soft, however you have to spread the nicotine with your fingers so it would cover the whole portion and wasn’t stacked up on one side. When you put one under your lips, you get that well-known icy feeling and if you wait for a few minutes, the nicotine comes in place as well.

Siberia Blue White is the least strong snus in the roster, but it can still give you some chills. I would highly recommend starting your day with one, if you are looking for that “wake-up call“ snus. You will still manage to get to work/school safely and you will enjoy it as well. Also ideal for a sunny day in an upcoming summer. I put mine under the upper lip on a beautiful day and felt a great improvement in the enjoyment of this pleasent weather. It was a long time experience. The strongness didn’t wear off and I swear the icy feeling kept me at daze. That was great since I was no longer sweating like an animal in a rainforest.

Do you think you want to take the pleasure of snus on a next level, but you are afraid to take on the strongest boys in the ring? The Siberia Blue White is your entrance gate for this journey.

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Meet Pavel

“floorball player and snus lover”

Name: Pavel Bartoš
Age: 18
Nationality: Czech

Hobbies: I enjoy living an active lifestyle. I have been playing floorball since I was 8 years old and lately went for football as well. In the little spare time left I like to read fantasy or play videogames.

Favourite Snus: I once asked my friend if he knows something stronger than Oden’s Cold Dry. He recommended me Siberia White Dry and it was a love on a first dip.

My first snus experience: My first snus was when I was 16. My friend gave me Thunder Ultra Strong and I remember successfully keeping it in my mouth for 5 minutes before I gave up.

Favourite life hack: Putting an alarm clock to 2 am so I could wake up only for the feeling of sleeping for another 5 hours.

A quote that sums up my view on life:  “If opportunity doesn’t knock, build a door.”

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Granit Maxad Portion

“got tears in my eyes because of the nostalgia the scent brought me”

First things first: Granit Maxad smells AMAZING! It really brings me back to my very first times trying snus when I was about 15. I almost got tears in my eyes because of the nostalgia the scent brought me; when I locked myself in the bathroom of my family home to secretly use snus and read a book. Aaaah, those days! But, enough of the emotional mumbojumbo and on with the review!
The box is black and has a tiny mountain drawn on it. I get the feeling that they want us to feel adventurous with this snus, but the taste is actually classic tobacco. Also, this is the first time I encounter a new kind of lid. You know the lid where you put your used up pouches? When you open it, it’s “floor” is soft so you can fit more used up snus in there. That is so freaking cool and well thought out! Why doesn’t all snusboxes have this feature?
After about ten minutes the nicotine kicks in and I’m enjoying the Granit Maxad very much. I have no problem with it not being a white portion cause I can have it in for a longer period of time.
With a good book (without sitting on the floor of the bathroom), a cup of espresso and a nice pouch of this snus under my lip the day can’t get any better.


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Meet Sara

“webdesign, zumba and snus”

Name: Sara Szajewska
Age: 30
Nationality: Swedish/Croatian/Polish

Hobbies: Webdesign, games, movies, tv-series, zumba

Favorite Snus: Göteborgs Rapé XR

My first snus experience: In college (gymnasiet), one of my class mates used snus and I tried my first pouch. I instantly liked it and remember snusing in the bathroom of my family home so my parents wouldn’t notice.

Favorite life hack: Keep your headphones on even if you’re not listening to music to keep people from talking to you in public.

A quote that sums up my view on life: Don’t always trust your gut feeling.

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Offroad Original Portion


“a go-to snus to get you through the day”

Do you enjoy frugality as much as snus? If so, V2 Tobacco’s Offroad Original portion snus should be at the top of your list. But what is wrong with being cheap? I argue nothing is. This may not be the snus you turn to when sitting in front of your fire place and reading the unabridged version of Les Misérables, and you certainly won’t impress a Swede (especially because it is Danish), but I wholeheartedly argue this snus should not be overlooked. This snus may not shine, but it does not shrivel. Instead it delivers a middle of the road, yet admirable, snus experience at a very reasonable price.

This snus has a strong, sweet, citrus and bergamot flavor. To some, it will be overpowering – and it is strong – however I think this flavor compliments the light tobacco undertone of the snus nicely. It is not a subtle or complex flavor, and it will surly disappoint the more refined and discriminating. Admittedly, I would not serve this snus to anyone I wanted to impress. You might want to be careful what you drink while using it, too. Still, overall the taste is agreeable and entirely appropriate as a go-to snus to get you through the day.

Offroad Original has an average, and I would say appropriate, nicotine content. You can feel it carefully creep in during the first two minutes, stay for about twenty minutes, and then gently wash out. Those who need a nicotine rush will want to upgrade to Offroad’s bigger brother, the Thunder line of snuses, however I think the nicotine is well balanced in this snus and makes for a rather delightful experience. It might not wake you up in the morning, yet I can say that without a doubt that it gets the job done and doesn’t leave the user disappointed.

Overall, this snus rates a . There is no getting around the fact that this is a mediocre snus. While I enjoy this snus, I would be lying if I said it was great. It’s not. But frankly, it also isn’t offensive. Furthermore, given its typically price, and the fact that it is almost always on sale, I argue it punches well above its weight and is a better option than quite a few more expensive snuses that don’t measure up to the cash you are throwing down.


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Meet William

“an american soldier who fell in love with swedish snus”

Name: William Paul O’Neill III
Nationality:  US-American

Hobbies: For the most part, I’m a family man, so anything with my wife and daughter when I’m not working. I also like to start, and occasionally finish, woodworking projects, but admittedly I’m probably the world’s most mediocre woodworker.

Favorite Snus: Oden’s Original. This snus is the perfect mixture of value and quality. I find the peppery flavor to be exceptional. While I can’t use it for extended periods of time and usually have to switch brands after a few cans, I always find myself coming back to this snus.

My first snus experience: I was in College in upstate New York. I had just started using Copenhagen and decided to look up “snuff” on Wikipedia. The article referenced Scandinavia as the origin of smokeless tobacco, which I guess makes sense as the city of Copenhagen isn’t in Kentucy. So I ordered some General Onxy and was amazed at the quality, taste, and presentation difference. Better yet, there were dozens of varieties of Swedish snus as opposed to the five or so even remotely acceptable American varieties.

Favorite life hack: Got this one in the Army – if you “ranger” roll your T-Shirts and arrange them in your drawer standing up, you save a bunch of space and it is easier to find the T-Shirt you are looking for without digging through a pile. Seems inconsequential, but it is life altering.

A quote that sums up my view on life:
“I’ll eat what I want, and I’ll die like a man”

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General Mint White Portion

“like small pillows of happiness for your mouth”

I’m going to be up front with you. I love mint. My toothpaste and mouthwash are mint. I have a box of peppermint tea which soothes my throat when I have a cold. I don’t really like gum, but when I do – yep, mint’s my first choice. York peppermint patties were a favorite growing up. I like the cooling sensation mint has, plus I like the fact it covers up what can be some wicked breath. I work overnights in a convenience store and I tend to run on coffee and anger, neither of which is good for one’s breath.

That being said when I started snusing, my first choice was to grab the mint. Being an American, it’s not like I can walk into any store and grab a can – it was a search and recovery operation facilitated by the Internet. And even then, our choices are limited. Most places carry the American version of “snus”, which is like sucking on a candy you picked off the floor of a chemical plant. A few places sell real snus, and those few places sell General snus. Suffice it so say, General was my first real snus, and continues to be a go-to for me to this day.

Now, let’s talk about General Mint. Cracking open a can, you’ll notice the neat circular pattern General places its portions.A quick whiff reveals its minty secrets – not a specific mint, it’s neither pure peppermint, nor pure spearmint, but a pleasant mix of the two with the added aroma of its fine tobacco. The cans I buy are white portions, so they are dry to the touch and fairly soft, like small pillows of happiness for your mouth.

Upon inserting a portion, you quickly get that minty tingle. It’s not bludgeoning you to death the way American snuses do, rather a subtle “Hello there, friend!” as it provides a cooling snesation, followed fairly quickly by the pleasurable buzz from the nicotine. The portions quickly settle in place and flatten out, making the experience even more discreet to others, as I’ve managed to skirt the rules at work and partake all night, without the need for smoke breaks the others demand. Its flavor is just as the aroma, a sweetish mint that doesn’t overwhelm you and that really lasts a long time.General’s flavor is probably the best mint of any snus I’ve had in terms of balance and strength. I’ve kept portions in for hours without losing the flavor. I’ve even fallen asleep with a portion in a few times, only to awaken with it still there, not dripping even after 8 hours (although I wouldn’t make a habit of it)

Overall, I’d give the General a solid

Being a more experienced snus fan, I’ve come to love the stronger snuses out there, but for an everyday choice, it would be hard to fare better than General. You’re sure to get a consistently quality product which isn’t too extreme in strength, and its long-lasting portions will stretch your money out to last a long time.

Frank D

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Meet Frank

“my hobbies are sleeping and snus”

Name: Frank D
Age: 44
Nationality: American

Hobbies: Between working overnights and domestic duties, my hobbies are sleeping and snus. I admit my guilty pleasure is watching wrestling and being a Twitter geek.

Favorite snus: All time is Thunder Ultra Frosted White. I’m a deep end of the pool kinda guy.

My first snus experience: Seeking out General snus locally and racing to the store for Nordic Mint.

Favorite life hack: Offhand, I don’t use many, but keeping snus in the car all winter saves on fridge space and increases discretion!

A quote that sums up my view on life: Stop worrying about what will kill you. You’re not escaping death, so enjoy life’s pleasures now.

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Siberia Brown Portion

“They really managed to create a piece of art”

Siberia Brown – Power Portion

This is a snus I’ve actually been looking forward to try out. Not just because it’s named Power Portion – but just that it is a beautiful can to look at. The designers really managed to create a piece of art.
So, as you surely can notice, I got myself a little crush on this one. But as we all know, it’s the inside that actually counts.

When I opened the can, the strong smell of menthol just hit me right in the face. Since it’s named Siberia Brown, it was a kind of a big surprise to witness a brown portion smell something that is so common with a white portion.
But this didn’t bother me at all. It felt fresh. Toothpaste fresh (well… as the smell at least)

I put a snus under the lip, and almost directly I felt a burning feeling on the tooth flesh. This is a nice feeling that reminds me of when I began snusing.
So it burns, and tastes menthol for about 40 minutes – then the nicotine kicks in. It’s a slow running snus, with an extremely strong taste of tobacco. And the surprising part about this snus, is that it doesn’t change the actual run. It stays in that comfortable run all time. You can have a snus in for many hours. And it lays perfect under the lip!

Be noticed though. It is the world’s strongest snus, so it’s not recommended if you are sensitive for nicotine, or that you are new in the game.

If you do however want to try it, with the facts given, you will not be disappointed.

Siberia Brown, you get a The inside was just as beautiful as the outside. I’m absolutely in love.

Best regards

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Meet our new member Robin

“A wrestling fan who loves strong portion snus”

Name: Robin
Age: 26
Nationality: Sweden

I am a huge wrestling fan, been following it since forever. Spends a big part of my spare time on reading and watching it.
Series – wow. I could talk for hours about all the series I’m watching.
Well, I’m not just a wrestling and series guy. I rollerblade also, at least when the streets are cleaned from gravel.

Favorite Snus:
Grov Portion – my absolute favourite snus. Soggy, long lasting and rich in flavour. It’s pure perfection.
General Portion Extra Strong – Just as the name says – it is strong. Smells wonderful, and has a quick nicotine kick. Perfect snus for a long car ride.
Kronan Portion – One of the cheaper snus you can buy. But don’t be fooled by the price – it has a high standard, and is really tasteful. Is not as long lasting as a Grov or General, but you can easily have it in for and our, and you can still feel the dark tobacco flavour run.

My first snus experience:
My first experience with snus, was when I stole some from my brothers can. I remember that I loved the smell of it, and I had grown up with it. I often say that some snus smells like your childhood.
Anyhow. My brother had a can of General Lös at the time – not really the idealistic beginner snus. Cause, with no experience other than the smell of it, I had absolutely no idea how to bake a snus. So, I took some, and put it under the lip. It trashed in my mouth, and damn, it was snus all over the place. Not really a great first experience.
But…I decided that I would try a Portion instead. Grov Portion – and I feel in love right away.

Favourite life hack:
Baby wet wipes. It is seriously the one thing that can clean everything. It the MacGyver of cleansing agents.

 A quote that sums up my view on life:
I am the master of my faith, I am the captain of my soul.

Best regards,

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WARNING: This tobacco product can damage your health and is addictive.