Tre Ankare White Portion

“it takes you to a place where only hard sailors and heavy storms exist”

Tre Ankare White Portion

I went to the store the other day in search for some good snus but I wasn’t up for trying some new stuff, I wanted something I was familiar with.
Hence I looked over the counter and saw one of my favorite snus that I haven’t had for quite some while now…. Tre Ankare.

The red text that is fitted onto the green background, with the gold looking edges gives the snus a great classic look.
Upon opening the can you can feel the great smell of a smokey aroma hitting your nose. The bags looks juicy and not as dry as you’d expect a white snus to be.

Once you place the first bag under your lip it takes you to a different place, a place where only hard sailors and heavy storms exist. The feeling of the snus basically takes you back to that early 1900’s when everyone was working at the docks and the evenings consisted of moonshine and snus.

It doesn’t take long until the unique taste hits your tastebuds, at first you will feel the taste of smokey cedar and after approximately 10 minutes, once the snus has done it’s little trick, you can feel the nicotine hit you mixed with tastes of different herbs.The bag gets a bit more moisture than the rest of the snus brands, which for me is something I enjoy. The tobacco taste is there but you can only feel hints of it due to the strong taste of cedar and herbs.
After about 30 minutes in, you can feel that the experience you’ve had is coming to an end, the bag is a bit shrinked up, the taste is fading and the nicotine has taken it’s toll

Tre Ankare is the most classic portionssnus out there, it’s the first portionssnus ever made and should definatly be tested by all snus lovers.

So to all you hipsters, classic snus lovers and tryouts out there, this is the snus for you. A classic, tasteful and amazing experience.


“Snus is snus and nonsense is nonsense, though the golden boxes, and roses in a cracked jug, are still always roses.”
-Gustaf Fröding

Yasir Rasool

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The Lab 07 Slim White Extra Strong

“I’ve never smelled a snus that was so clean smelling”

When I received this to review, the first image that came to mind when I saw “The Lab” were a bunch of mad scientists donning long white lab coats, laughing maniacally as they invented bizarre new creations to unleash onto the world from their lair, complete with Tesla coils and bubbling beakers emitting smoke.
Luckily, the people who work for The Lab, while possibly mad scientists, are nothing like that. What they put out is an insanely high quality product as I found out.

Once again the green label threw this American mind into the color-coding schemes of American products, green of course being mint. Boy was I wrong, and in a good way.

The Lab’s cans, not just this but all of them, are quite interesting and the large number on it makes you wonder which experiment you’re getting. “Gee, I have 07. What have those mad geniuses produced?”

Opening the can, I’m greeted with a very intriguing scent. This stuff is FRESH. As in it smells like it came straight off the plant fresh. Slightly herbal, very subtle, and for some reason it made my mind wander to a hot summer day right after I finished cutting the grass. It’s not a cut grass scent, though. But I’ve never smelled a snus that was so clean smelling. I knew I was in for something different.

The flavor is a natural tobacco flavor, there’s no traditional bergamot flavoring. This is straight tobacco flavor. And it’s amazing. It’s an incredibly mild flavor, not at all what I was expecting from a pure tobacco product, which I’ve had before in other snuses. Those were a stronger flavor, almost reminding me in a way of cigarettes, which I’m no fan of. This…this was clean. This was smooth, not sweet, but bordering on it just enough to keep you wondering if there was a flavor added to it. This is incredible.

This is an Extra Strong portion, so be prepared for a kick. I actually got a little light headed after 5 minutes, and being a little crazy myself, I found this only added to the experience. This is a seriously potent snus and you want to go easy if you’ve never had a strong portion before. The portions are slim, they fit well in your lip and are quite soft and very comfortable to keep in. Dripping is quite minimal and what comes out isn’t bitter to an excessive degree. Although unlike other products I did find I have to remove a portion after an hour or so.

Mad scientists or not, The folks at The Lab know their craft and they know it exceedingly well based on this product. I can see myself getting this in the future just because it was so unexpected and so pleasant on all the senses. To be honest, I can’t find a single fault in this product, and I am giving it a

If you haven’t tried a natural tobacco snus, do yourself a favor and try this. I believe you’ll be won over by it.

By Frank, Snus Squad

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Northerner Citrus (CM6)


Hi everyone!

It’s time to review a snus, and this one is a white portion. I can’t even remember the last time I had a can with white portion. So it really has been fun to test this one.

It is named The Northener Citrus, and has a really cool design, both on the can and on the logotype. The can is ovalformed – and it’s something that I’ve never seen before. So I really hope that the person responsible for this read this: Thank you, you brilliant person! The can lays absolute perfect in the back pocket, and isn’t as thick as a ordinary can. I love it!

And I really like the big elk on the front of the can, with the sunset in the background.

Once I opened the can, the shy smell of nicotine zips out, with the small hints of citrus. So the first impression was mixed – I really liked the smell of it, but was a little bit sceptic to it just because that it is a white portion. The pouches are kind of small, so I took 2 pouches at the time.

When I stroke the tongue on the pouches I got a really sweet citrus taste. This was a big plus for me, considering the fact that it may be the second, or maybe the third time I tasted a snus with citrus flavour. It feels fresh, in some twisted way. So I absolutely found it interesting!

The nicotine kicked in after about 40 minutes, and wow – TALK ABOUT SURPRISE!

It has a extremely pleasing run of nicotine, that is perfectly balanced with citrus. Well, it’s not that strong that I’m used to and prefer. But I can absolutely say that it was a big surprise to witness this cute little pouch having this beautiful secret inside.

You can easy have it in for two hours without needing to take a new one in.

I recommend this snus to any snusers, cause it’s not a strong snus, and doesn’t run much. It’s a really pleasing snus – that has a citrus secret.

I’m giving this one a And to be honest, that’s a really high score coming from me, cause I’m not a big fan of white portion.

Best regards

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Jakobsson’s Wintergreen Strong

“an acquired North American taste”

Jakobsson’s Wintergreen Strong snus is an entry in Gotlandsnus’s premium Jakobsson’s snus line. For those of you who are not familiar with wintergreen, it is a flavor that is popular in North America that is derived from certain evergreen trees and is reminiscent of mint. Wintergreen is a strong flavor, and is typically used to cover less preferential tastes. This often means that most products that use it have such a large amount that the taste is simply overpowering. Basically, something that once was excruciatingly awful was “wintergreened” until it was only mildly awful, sort of minty, and made your breath smell nice. This made it a perfect flavoring for American oral tobacco (and mouthwash!) since “snuff” tastes somewhat like burnt twigs to the uninitiated. Hence, I was pretty hesitant to review this product since I can’t remember ever enjoying a wintergreen product.

Jakobsson’s Wintergreen Strong Snus, however, does wintergreen right. Since snus’s innate tobacco flavor is not strong, the wintergreen flavoring in this snus does not need to overpower. Instead, there is a mild and sweet wintergreen flavor that delightfully tingles the lips and gums and compliments the subtle smoky tobacco flavor of the snus. Personally, this snus gives me flash-backs of Lifesaver’s mints and Listerine mouthwash, and Wintergreen is not even close to my favorite flavor, but I do enjoy this particular snus.

This is a strong snus, and you can certainly feel the nicotine, but it doesn’t assault you. The nicotine hits quickly in the first half a minute or so, but never seems to dominate. I feel the nicotine level off after about fifteen minutes and disappear after twenty to twenty-five minutes.  Users that prefer a rush out of their snus may want to try something stronger, however those comfortable with mild snuses will not be overwhelmed.

Overall, this is a solid snus that easily gets a The only drawbacks I see to this snus are that it is extremely moist and drips quite quickly. Wintergreen is, arguably, an acquired North American taste, and some people may not like using a snus that reminds them of the last time they brushed their teeth. However, as wintergreen goes, this is the best tobacco product I have had. I would absolutely recommend this product to anyone who enjoys wintergreen as well as anyone who enjoys trying new flavors.

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Sisu Extreme Mint White Dry

“probably the softest portions you will ever touch”

Let’s start off with the clear thing here, SISU Extreme Mint is the first white dry product from AG Snus. Now when we’re out in the blue, it is to be expected that first tries do not always justify customers needs, and they need some tweaking along the way… Or do they?

SISU Extreme is the complete opposite. Just after you open the can, you get a nice refreshing wave of spearmint and menthol aroma, as if it has absolutely no tobacco. We are all used to those a bit rough portions of white dry snus, and it’s not really an issue to be honest: it’s dry, it’s supposed to be a bit harsh on your gums. SISU made that dissapear. SISU Extreme White Dry portions are probably the softest portions you will ever touch, when comparing to any existing snus you have consumed, and you are more than welcome to correct me here (you will not – trust me).

Let’s move to flavor… The spearming and menthol flavor is really rich, full, light, and packs a nice kick, but not a rather strong burning sensation like other extreme snus products. It’s more of a chilly sensation, hence I wouldn’t really put it into proper extreme category. That might, of course, differ from user to user (I mostly prefer really strong snus). Another reason why I wouldn’t put it in extreme category is the nicotine kick, which is also not overwhelming – it’s similar to strong white dry snus. The flavor duration, on the other hand, is nailed to perfection, with almost an hour and a half of freshness in your mouth.
Let’s sum it all up and say AG did a really good job with their first white dry snus, and I would love to see what’s next from their dry releases.

Kudos AG, for your first try, you get a decent .

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Thunder Ultra Raspberry Portion

“it will improve your everyday routine into something more comforting”

There are people in this world that have never tried snus. I know, it sounds ridicilous. However, even between those “Muggles”, as J.K.Rowling would say, are people that heard about the brand Thunder. As much as you like (or hate) the Swedish snus powerhouse, it belongs among the most famous snus producers there are. Even Jamie Vardy enjoys his portion before a training session! I had the honor to taste the Thunder Ultra Raspberry Portion and in the next few paragraphs, you can enjoy the experience with me. Can you feel the storm going through your body? Let’s find out.

As one of the youngest members of Snus Squad, the school life is unfortunately still part of my life. One day, being bored at Biology class, I decided not only stuff one portion under my lip, but also to provide you, our beloved readers, some quality review. I don’t consider myself as an artist expert, but the puck, same as every other Thunder puck, looks just hideous. However, a wise man once said “Dont judge book by its cover.” And that’s exacly what I’m gonna try to do. When I buy flavoured snus, I want a strong flavour I can taste without consistently adjusting the portion. And that’s what you gonna get when you buy Thunder. I’ve got to hand it to them, the taste I got from this Raspberry Portion evoked my memories all the way from when I was just a little boy and my dear grandmother just gave me the bowl of freshly torn Raspberries. She probably wouldn’t be exited about switching from her hard work of growing berries to a blast of nicotine. Maybe if she tried one, she would have some empathy but we all know that that’s not going to happen.

Strongwise, Ultra Thunder Raspberry belongs in a group of stronger portions. It won’t blast you into the Neverland, but it will improve your everyday routine into something more comforting. The nicotine will kick in after about 5 minutes and will last for a long time. I must warn you though, after about a half an hour, the bag will get soggy and the taste will get more aggressive, especially in your throat and it will annoy you, speaking on behalf of a dry snus supporter. I manage to go through about an hour until I had to put it out. I believe those who are fans of a wet snus will go through more. On the matter of a comfort, I don’t sense any problems in my mouth, just as I would expect from Thunder snus.

Ratings:  – Thunder Ultra Raspberry Portion is a great time-out snus that comes in handy in those long summer days. The taste is satisfing most of the time and the strongness is just fine.

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Göteborgs Rapé XR Slim

“all the clouds scattered from the sky and the sun was shining with its sweetest beams”

Göteborgs Rapé XR (X-range)

The first time I tried Göteborgs Rapé XR I was skeptical. It was from my favourite brand Swedish Match – Göteborgs Rapé that I had used for a couple of years, but the XR snus was new to me.
I asked myself, why would I want a slimmer pouch? What did they mean with ”large”? And for the love of god, why is it named x-range? I almost felt like a cowboy trying it the first time as the name took me to the old west a few hundred years back.
But then I saw it, the most beautiful words I have ever read on a box of snus. I had in my hand the reality of my greatest dreams as a snusare: ”Minimal Drip”. Could this really be true?
As soon as I put a pouch under my lip, it felt like all the clouds scattered from the sky and the sun was shining with its sweetest beams on me. I saw angels coming down with harps, flying around me playing their heavenly tunes. It was truly a hallelujah-moment!

Rape XR is what you are looking for if you prefer snus with minimal drip! You can have the pouch in for ca 30 minutes (longer if you’re not talking).
The taste reminds you of the wild nature with a woody character and a small hint of citrus with lavendel blossom. This is the finest of the finest. Enjoy!


Yours truly,

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Clove Explosion White Portion

“the taste and smell reminds me of Christmas”

Hey snusers!

Today I’m reviewing the Clove explosion white, from organic series by GN Tobacco. Back when I used to smoke, I occasionally enjoyed clove cigarettes and now that I found out there’s a clove snus I was happy to try Clove explosion out. The puck looks great and a bit dangerous, but it surely isn’t. My experience with this snus was very pleasant. Firstly, I have to say that I’m quite a fan of clove, the taste and smell always reminds me of Christmas time and right as I opened the puck I felt like it’s Christmas time again. The clove smell flies right through your nostrils and you can enjoy Christmas any time of the year.

The snus itself is semi moisturized and that’s exactly what I seek within snus I use. It’s quite strong, but that ain’t a problem for me. I enjoy strong snus and I certainly like this product. 15% of the snus is fresh clove from Indonesia and the rest is obviously tobacco. The second you put it under your lip you can feel the christmassy clove flavor and the nicotine kicks in approximately after 5 minutes, it lasts longer than I thought, after one and a half hour I could still taste my grandma’s gingerbread. I really love the taste with a little eastern spice kick.

To sum up this snus – It surely impressed me and I’m going to use it again. It’s a must try for clove lovers. 

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Kapten Extra Stark Salmiak

“not a bad snus for the kick”

For those who aren’t familiar with Salmiak, it’s a traditional candy in the Nordic countries that combines licorice and ammonium chloride in a strong, “salty licorice”, flavor. I Felt that it would be unfair to review Kapten Extra Stark Salmiak without, at first, understanding the flavor it was meant to invoke, so I ordered a couple bags of “salmakki”. No doubt, it’s a strongly flavored candy that reminds me, for reasons I cannot even begin to articulate, of the candies that my grandmother fed me when I visited. All in all, not a bad style of candy – an acquired taste, for sure – but totally appropriate to flavor snus.

That being stated, Kapten Extra Stark Salmiak barely tastes like the candy it sets out to emulate. It isn’t that this snus tastes bad, it is that it barely has any taste at all compared to your average snus. It has a very faint licorice flavor with a slight hint of saltiness, and while it technically is a “salty licorice” flavor, it does not pass muster as “salmiak” (I consider myself a Salmiakki snob merely two days after having had it for the first time). Legitimacy of the flavor aside, it really is difficult to pick up the taste of this snus without physically putting it on your tongue. By comparison, it is even less flavorful than a traditional flavors-of-tobacco-only snus pouch.

Strength wise, this is a strong snus but not overwhelmingly so. The nicotine hits softly a minute or so after you put it in and builds from there. I guess the kick lasts for about twenty minutes, however typically the pouch has lost all flavor by then and I’ve replaced it. Overall not a bad snus for the kick, but not one that will impress you either.

This snus gets a 

it appears to be a quality product based on the packaging and the overall build of the snus portions, however it doesn’t have enough flavor to be enjoyable. This is unfortunate. Salmiak is such an interesting flavor, especially to someone foreign to the Nordic lands, and this snus concept has such potential.

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Jakobsson’s Strong Cola

“the cola flavor hit you directly, like immediately”

Do you get these nostalgic trips after you smell something?
Can you feel how it used to be when you were young and the same smell or taste hit you?
At first sight when I got the package… to be honest, I wasn’t really sure if I wanted to try out this thing. I mean… Snus with Cola flavor? Sounds pretty bad!
But after glaring at the snusbox for about 10 minutes, I opened it…
The smell that hit me, it was like something taken from my childhood and put into that box. I’m not talking about that cola flavor from different sodas…
I’m talking about that real cola flavor. That flavor that is in candy (Swedish candy).
I got astound by the smell, it was so nice, not only could you feel the cola but there was also a hint of tobacco in it which actually, for some reason, fitted in perfectly.
I looked at the bags and they layed there, perfectly portioned, a bit moisture (remember this isn’t a white snus, so you want the moistured part). I picked one up and threw it in my mouth.
Once it was under the lip the cola flavor hit you directly, like immediately.
The cola flavor is dominant, even 10 minutes in… The only difference is, the nicotine is playing with you. Seeing how this is a strong snus, you can really feel the strength of it.
I’m used to use strong snus, but this snus was actually really strong for me, I could even feel a bit of soft nicotine kick, which was amazing.
After 30 minutes in, you can still taste the cola flavor, so it’s not like chewing gum with taste, where you throw them out after chewing for 5 minutes.
Also a thing to mention about this particular snus is that besides from the little hatch (where you put your used snus) being to small, the actual box is pretty sweet looking.
I could feel the ride coming to an end after about one hour. The snus got shrinked up and as we say in Sweden, “turned into a snail”.
This brand is something worth trying, not only is it one of a kind but the taste and strength of the snus is insane.
Overall rating: 
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WARNING: This tobacco product can damage your health and is addictive.